Friend of the Wild

While many players were scrambling this past weekend to ready their max-level characters for Rohan or finishing up at the Harvest Festival I was only making a push to get Kaethos though the end of Book 2 (Volume 1).

While it has noting to do with the Rohan expansion, in finishing Book 2 Loremasters have access to a special quest from Radagast to help a few animals in the Harloeg. The reward at the end of this short chain is the ability to summon non-combat pets. In most games these small pets are attached to any character that wants them, but LotRO is different in that only Loremasters can get the ability. In addition you also get a nice title, “Friend of the Wild.”

While I may have some time ahead of me before Kaethos even reaches Moria, I’m really happy to have come this far in just a few weeks. Now I just have to start downloading the expansion once I get home and cross my fingers that their won’t be early downtime tomorrow.

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One thought on “Friend of the Wild

  1. Chuck

    The lore master is one one my favorite classes. I’ve also played a beast master in ffxi.

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